Our Mission

Providing data analytic for your virtual reality applications to boost performance, improve engagement and increase retention

Skilled Trades

Using VR for repeatable and remote training in a safe training environment.


Using VR for medical training, effective surgical planning and phobias therapy.


Viewing sporting events in VR, Recreating the action in VR, Using VR to train teams


Using VR for management and marketing purposes, giving immersive tours for hotels and resorts.

Real Estate

Using VR to immerse your clients in the world of virtual and 3D walk through.


Using VR for simulating a lecture, creating immersive educational experiences and interactive activities

Virtus helps you track visual cues, user’s attention and engagement. Our platform enables the enterprise to reveal the power of VR user’s data and create data-driven personas. Virtus empowers your content strategy by uncovering insights faster and monitoring audience dynamics.
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